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240 TRI WHEEL WALKER Maximum User Weight 125Kg. (Including bag contents) Suitable for long or short term use by users whose own ability to support themselves has been reduced due to age or transient/permanent disability.

Opening and Folding the Walker To open the walker, hold the two sides of the frame in both hands and push them away from each other. To ensure the frame remains open push the locking mechanism located in the centre, from the handle, to lock it open (fig 2). To fold the walker unlock the locking mechanism by puling it in the centre from the single front wheel side, up towards the handles. Completely close the frame by pulling it together at the handle end of the frame.

fig. 1

Handle Adjustment Remove the hand knob and bolt. Pull the handle to new setting (there are five fixed settings at 25 mm intervals), re-fit and tighten the knob and bolt ensuring that the head of the bolt is inside the hexagonal hole. (fig 3)

Brakes Operation and Adjustment Braking is achieved by applying pressure to the handles which makes the ferrules come into contact with the ground. The pressure needed to brake can be adjusted by turning the adjustment wheel. Turning clockwise increases the brake pressure while turning anti-clockwise decreases the pressure. The pressure needs to be adjusted to suit the user.

fig 2

Caution! - please check the ferrules regularly for wear. When the ferrules are worn the braking will not be effective and they must be replaced.

fig 3

Safe Use When using the walker be aware that stability depends on all three wheels being in contact with the flat surface. Care should be taken when negotiating uneven ground, inclines, kerb etc. as stability will inevitably be reduced. Beware of wet floors and outdoor hazards such as leaves, snow and ice. Ensure that the frame is opened completely with the folding mechanism locked in the open position. When folding walker please ensure that all limbs and articles of clothing are free from entrapment.

Cleaning The Days Healthcare 240 Tri Wheel Walker is designed for minimum maintenance. It is manufactured from chrome plated tubing and requires the occasional wipe-over with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Do not use harsh abrasive materials!

Maintenance Daily, before use, check the effective operation of the brakes. Check that the wheels turn and swivel freely and there is no debris building around the axle. If the folding operation becomes stiff, loosen the bolt that fixes right hand side frame to the front wheel support plate by about quarter of a turn. Regularly inspect that the central locking mechanism is secure, i.e. no fasteners are loose or missing. Upon finding any fault discontinue use of the walker and contact the retail outlet or issuing prescriber.

Warranty Information The Days Healthcare model no. 240 is warranted for one year from date of purchase due to faulty workmanship and materials. Please contact your supplier/dealer should a fault occur. The warranty does not extend to the consequential costs resulting from fault clearance, in particular freight and travel costs, loss of earnings, expenses etc. The manufacturer will not accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused by misuse or non observance of the instructions set out above.

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